Planning Applications


Cluaran, Stancombe Farm, Liverton

Proposal: Single storey rear extension and replacement windows to dwelling at

0043/21 & 0044/21

Rora Farm, Liverton

Proposal: Change of use of barns to ancillary accommodation including parking and amenity area.


Old Leys Farm, Liverton

Proposed: Removal of existing garden store and replacement with block-built store with slate roof

0587/20 & 0588/20

Rora Farm, Liverton

Proposed: Replacement lean-to kitchen extension together with internal alterations. (The amendment relates to Alterations including revised staircase detail and additional information including roofing specification and finish treatment against existing chimneystack.)


Building south of Old A38, Liverton

Proposal: Retention of residential use of agricultural building at Building south of Old A38, Liverton IPC - OBJECTION –The council understand this to be in effect a retrospective application for a full residential application, within the form there is no mention of an agricultural occupancy condition, however the design and access statement would suggest this is why the applicant wishes to live at this location. This council does not usually support new dwellings on a green field sites.


4 Summerhill Crescent, Liverton

Proposal Raising of roof to form an additional storey, erection of front porch and extension of garage on south elevation. IPC - No objection. TDC - Have GRANTED CONDITIONAL PLANNING PERMISSION


Follybrook Cottage, Road from Exeter Cross To Cummings Cross

Proposed: Two storey side extension IPC - No objection TDC - Granted Conditional planning consent


2 Laskeys Heath, Liverton

Proposal: Reduce four main stems of one oak by 2-3m where overhanging, prune upper canopy by up to 3m and remove epicormic growth