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Haytor Rocks in the Sunshine

Welcome to the Ilsington Parish Council Web site.  As well as some general information about the parish, we will publish on a regular basis the agendas for forthcoming Parish Council meetings, the minutes for these meetings and the minutes for the Planning Meetings.  These minutes are usually approved at the subsequent meeting, so will only be available a month after the meeting.

We have also incorporated a Calender facility, where we will add and display information on events due to take place in the Parish.  If you see an asterisk after the event listing, click on the event and it will display more information about the event for your information.  This is designed for Parish Council activities and events organised by the wider Parish for the Parish.  It is not intended to be available for commercial events unless they are of a charitable nature.

Finally we have the ability to publish current news stories that are of interest to those in the parish and the facility to organise Parish Polls where people can vote on a specific issue that the Parish Council feels will benefit from direct Parish comment.

We hope you will find the site informative and useful, and would encourage you to register for full access to all its features.  Finally, on the contact us page is the ability to contact the Parish Clerk by email, who would be pleased to receive your comments and queries both on this new site, but also on the working of the Parish Council in general.