To seek upto date advice from the Government and NHS visit the site below:

NHS: Government information:

The next link is for people that are highly vulnerable, although GP pratices may have contacted you direct. Families can also register on bealf of others, food parcels are delivered to those who have been advised to stay at home.

It is possible that significant numbers of people in the villages may have to “self-isolate”.

Organisations, groups and individuals are working together to try and ensure that those who may need practical help with shopping etc. in this situation can receive help if needed. Contingency plans are at a very early stage at the point but hopefully more advice will be made available locally on noticeboards, village websites etc. where possible.

Ilsington Parish Council website is -

Ilsington Parish Council Facebook -

Ilsington Village Shop Facebook -

Liverton Post Office and Store Facebook –

Ilsington United Charities Facebook –

If you need either shopping through self-isolation both parish shops are offering a home delivery service contact them on

Ilsington shop - 01364 661788

Liverton Post Office and Stores - 01626 821234

If you are willing to help with shopping and collecting medication please contact the parish clerk at 01364 661532 or email

Home Support

This guidance contains important advice for those offering and those receiving help with the delivery of shopping and medication in the parish during the present Coronavirus crisis.



• Both those offering support and those receiving it should maintain the highest level of hygiene by washing hands or using hand sanitizer both before and after contact

• If possible, items should be left at the front door or another pre-arranged place, after confirming that the recipient is able to pick up the items

• Do not shake hands or make other personal contact

• Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres Communication

• If possible send a list of shopping required, and/or details of medication (e.g. number of items, address of pharmacy) by email or over the telephone

• State clearly if alternatives are acceptable if the requested shop items are not available


Ilsington Village store

· order via email or phone 01364 661788

· Payment via BACS, Cash or Cheque payable to ‘The Ilsington Village Shop’

· Shopping can be collected or delivered

Collected – Your shopping will be left outside the store in a plastic box and named

Delivered – Within a 5 mile radius and times will be arranged with you, and delivered in boxes or plastic bags (these will be charged at 5p per bag)

Liverton Post Office and Store

· Orders are via email or phone 01626 821234

• Payment via BACS, Cash or Cheque payable to ‘ Liverton post office and stores

• Shopping can be collected of delivered

Collected – this can be arranged directly with the store

Delivered – Usually on a Tuesday of Friday.

Orders must be received by 3pm the previous day

£1 deliver fee

Goods will be boxed or bagged.

Collection of Medication

Several offers of help have been received but as yet this is still to be arranged.

Play Areas & Skate Park

t is with much regret that we have needed to close our play areas and skate park. It is not something we wanted to do but the government has advised that this action must be taken. We will of course re open them when it is safe to do so.


Please be aware of scams.  These maybe a few of the latest which are being used.

TDC Hotline

Teignbridge District Council

Have launched a hotline as part of their Coronavirus support for vulnerable residents. The hotline will be a back-up to the support operation already in place which includes food parcel deliveries co-ordinated by central and local government, NHS responders checking in on patients, plus local voluntary sector groups providing care and advice.

The hotline service will enable anyone not so far on the radar of the help network to make helpers aware of their needs. This will be especially important for people who are elderly or disabled and unable to leave their home and are desperate for help.

· The hotline number is: 01626 215512 and will be answered 9am - 5pm on weekdays

· The email address is:

The Council also have a useful guide to understanding ‘shielding’ for the most vulnerable and how to add yourself if you feel you should be registered within this group