TDC Hotline

Teignbridge District Council

Have launched a hotline as part of their Coronavirus support for vulnerable residents. The hotline will be a back-up to the support operation already in place which includes food parcel deliveries co-ordinated by central and local government, NHS responders checking in on patients, plus local voluntary sector groups providing care and advice.

The hotline service will enable anyone not so far on the radar of the help network to make helpers aware of their needs. This will be especially important for people who are elderly or disabled and unable to leave their home and are desperate for help.

· The hotline number is: 01626 215512 and will be answered 9am - 5pm on weekdays

· The email address is:

The Council also have a useful guide to understanding ‘shielding’ for the most vulnerable and how to add yourself if you feel you should be registered within this group