Grit Bins

Grit Bins

Published: 20 Dec 19

Grit Bins are full! If you require some rock salt please contact the clerk. Read More...

Christmas Community Social Event

Christmas Community Social Event

Published: 12 Dec 19

Liverton Village Hall, Saturday 15th December 3-6pm

Ron Westaway

Ron Westaway

Published: 31 Oct 19

Sadly Ron Westaway passed away on Monday 28th October 2019 Read More...

Trago Pensioners' Week 2019

Published: 30 Oct 19

Free money and discounts during Trago Pensioners' Week 2019 Read More...

Parish Lengthsman

Published: 6 May 19

Three year Lengthsman Contract

District Councillor Result

Published: 3 May 19

New district councillor for the Haytor Ward

Beating the Bounds

Published: 23 Apr 19

Later this year we shall be commemorating the Beating of the Bounds Read More...

Statement of Persons Nominated

Published: 6 Apr 19

Statement of Persons Nominated for District Councillor May 2019 Read More...

Notice of Uncontested Election

Published: 6 Apr 19

Election of Parish Councillors for Ilsington on May 2nd 2019 Read More...

Notice of Election 2019

Published: 18 Mar 19

An Election is to be held of Eleven Parish Councillors for Ilsington. Read More...

Parish Council Elections

Published: 5 Feb 19

Teignbridge District Council are holding an open evening for prospective candidates Read More...

D&C Police Alert Scheme

Published: 1 Oct 18

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a free community messaging system Read More...

Foil Recycling

Published: 4 Sep 18

From September 2018 we will be able to collect aluminium foil for recycling Read More...

Liverton Community Litter Pick

Published: 7 Mar 18

Thank you to all that turned out for the community litter pick on Sunday 25th March 2018 Read More...

Ilsington Community Litter Pick

Published: 7 Mar 18

Thank you to all who attended the community litter pick on Sunday 25th March Read More...

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