Published: 24 March 2021

With the arrival of a fibre broadband connection to Ilsington Primary School there is the opportunity
to extend the fibre connection to other properties in the community covered by cabinet 1* on the
Haytor exchange. Having fibre installed at your home or business will provide reliable and fast
broadband with costs similar to basic broadband. The Community Fibre Partnership scheme is the
most likely way forward and in order to progress this we need to collect name and address details of
households and businesses who are interested in receiving faster broadband and submit these to
Openreach by the 31st of March at the latest . They will then provide us with an indicative cost which
we will need to raise in order to progress the project. Funding is available through a government
voucher scheme (£1500 per home or up to £3500 for a small to medium sized business) and other
grants may be available.
There is no guarantee that every home or business covered by cabinet 1 can be included. A lot will
depend on the interest shown and the potential funding that can be obtained through the voucher
scheme. Flyers have been distributed to most of the properties connected to cabinet 1. Copies of
the flyer are available in Ilsington Village Shop or by contacting the email address below.
No commitment is required at this stage. If the project is deemed financially viable , Openreach will
require your commitment to apply for a voucher and sign up for faster broadband with an Internet
Service Provider before it can go ahead.
If you want a copy of the flyer or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please do email us at
*Areas covered by cabinet 1 include Ilsington Village, Old Town Hill as far as Lenda, Trumpeter,
north-west of the village as far as Smokey Cross, Smokey Cross to Birchanger Cross, properties
around Bagtor and north of Sigford. You can confirm your cabinet at
www.broadbandchecker.btwholesale.com/#/ADSL .